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About Us


Richard Hathway

General information

www.HearingAidSpares.com has been set up by me, Richard Hathway, and my wife Karen.

I work most of my time as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser in Evesham, Worcestershire.

I have my own dispensing practice and I specialise in supplying & fitting the latest top hearing technology hearing aids at fair, low prices.

My background

Prior to becoming a RHAD, I worked many years in various parts of the computer world.

My last such job was as "Senior Technologist" at the mobile phone manufacturer Sendo. (The company was later bought by Motorola).

This was an exciting senior and well paid role ... but one day I suddenly notice that I was nearing 50 .. whilst almost everyone else was in their 30s. This rang some alarm bells ... so I decided to think of a Plan B.

I also felt that I should look for a new role where I could work more with people rather than
working almost exclusively with computers.

After a year or so I suddenly realised that digital hearing aids were very similar to mobile phones in technology terms. I therefore looked into how I could enter the world of digital hearing aids ... and my wife suggested that I consider becoming a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser.

The retraining was horrifically expensive and I certainly didn't enjoy the exams ... but I passed them with flying colours and completed my post-exam training without any problems.

Several years on, I now have a vibrant digital hearing aid dispensing practice and the world of mobile phones is just a dim memory!

I used to spend half of my life either commuting 32 miles to work or sitting in aeroplanes - but now my commute distance is just ... ONE MILE!

The best part of my new career is that I now meet so many nice people ... I feel that have I wasted a big chunk of my life working almost exclusively with computers.

Why I charge low prices

I became very disillusioned during my training -  I couldn't understand why elderly people were being charged so much for digital hearing aids.

Retired people are usually on fixed incomes, and have a fixed amount of savings available. It simply is not right for such people to be overcharged for hearing aids - or anything else for that matter.

I thought about this for a while and decided that I should put my money where my mouth is, and offer good quality digital hearing aids at fair prices.

This means that to offer low prices I need to have low overheads.  I achieved this by working from a nice rural office with very low overheads  rather than expensive fancy town centre offices. 

My low overheads mean that I can charge VERY low prices whist still providing an excellent service.

Why have I set up www.HearingAidSpares.com?

I have been selling modern hearing aids at very low prices for some years now.

I have never charged my customers much for batteries or hearing aid sundries - but it is only recently that I noticed how much other dispensers and suppliers can charge for these essential items.

It is simply not fair to overcharge vulnerable people who are often on limited incomes.

It therefore seemed simple common sense to attack the problem of over-expensive hearing aid batteries and sundries with the same vigour that I have been attacking the high prices of modern hearing aids.

The only way to keep the prices down on these sundries etc is to be VERY strict about keeping overheads low. In this modern era a website is by far the best way to run a super efficient business ... so www.HearingAidSpares.com was born ....

Note: In my tradition of saving me - and you - money, my wife and I built 100% of this website ourselves. This explains why it is a bit 'clunky' ... but it works reliably & securely!

Finally ...

If you have any questions about me or my business, please email me at richard@hearingaidspares.com.

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