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My Vision

Richard Hathway RHAD C.Eng MBCS CITP
My Vision
I feel strongly that the hard-of-hearing should be able to benefit from the excellent digital hearing aids which have become available over the last few years.

However the current very high prices which seem to be "standard" in the UK hearing aid industry may be putting off some people from improving their hearing.

On top of this, the private sector hearing aid user is then expected to pay high prices for batteries, wax guards and the other sundries which are needed on a regular basis by hearing aid users.

If you aren't convinced that hearing aid batteries and spares aren't extremely expensive in the UK, just take a look at the price lists of some other Web suppliers.

You will see that their prices can be two or more times higher than my low prices.

Do you think that this apparent overpricing of basic hearing aid supplies is fair? I certainly don't ...

How I Am Trying To Make A Difference

There are many decent hard working dispensers in the UK ... but I feel that there are also many hearing aid dispensing companies & individuals who exploit their customers.

The sooner this situation improves, the better.

Accordingly I have established this web site www.HearingAidSpares.com in order to allow private sector hearing aid users to obtain their batteries and sundries at fair, low prices.

I am also attempting to make a difference by providing probably the lowest cost digital hearing aid dispensing service in the UK - through my Blackminster Hearing Centre.


Although I charge very low prices for digital hearing aids & the associated spare parts, I am not a charity or "action group". However I feel that if I can offer a good service and low prices whilst still paying my bills then why not take that route? At the very minimum I will be providing modern hearing technology to at least a few more people who might benefit.

I have also set up a web site to fight for the fair pricing of hearing aids in the UK private sector.
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Richard Hathway RHAD C.Eng

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